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Nordic Beauty Inka and I had planned on doing our shoot for quite a while, but you might never know what might delay that day. Oh boy, it took us almost 2 years before we finally did it. And we really did simply amazing shoot. Inka is studying in University in Finland and initially mentioned that she might not be sure how to pose for the camera - well, she was natural. So easy and fluid (are these real terms to use? But you know what I mean.) While the shoot went ahead she relaxed even more and the photos just got more and more amazing. I really can't say amazing often enough. Hopefully these photos are a great start for her modelling portfolio.

This shoot was a real team work, as we did this with two loveliest "assistants" sisters Juuli & Seela, and we did have proper belly laughs all afternoon.

Of course it would have been fab to have her MUA done, but great shoot can be achieved with as small budget as possible. Inka did her own fiery red hair and subtle makeup, and clothing was hers as well. Well, Juuli is superkeen on 2nd hand clothing, so there was plenty of clothing to choose from. So hey ho off we went. Here's some of my favourite photos of Nordic Beauty Inka, it really was a pleasure to do this shoot.

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

I wanted to talk about my own wedding, not just firstly or as an example, but more reason is to share this with you, so it might show you the lovely side of a tiny wedding. Well, to be honest calling my own wedding a tiny wedding, it was more a day about just the two of us and the love we have for one another.

Why did we do it this way? I am from Finland and my husband is French, and we live in England.

Us planning our wedding, the first thing we agreed on was to do it here and as simply as possible. Neither of us wanted a big ceremony (also, different religions) and it would have been a challenge to get our families and friends from our countries to join the wedding. And as I already said, we really wanted it to be about our love for one another, rather than having lots of quite challenging things to consider when putting it together. We as a couple are a bit funny anyway - meaning we like doing things in unusual order - we did our little honeymoon to Italy before we got married. Our wedding itself was in a registry office, and we only had our very good friend couple as our witnesses, and one of them kindly took photos of the day as well.

After the ceremony we had 2 friends who surprised us by showing up with bubbly and big hugs, that was so lovely. We had a meal together with our witnesses in a great restaurant/hotel in London and beautiful wedding suite night. When we planned our wedding, we agreed with our families that we will celebrate in each country after the wedding, as our wedding was in November we were in Finland at Christmas and had a small family party there then. And later in the spring in Paris. All this meant that our wedding had zero stress or pressure - our families were super understanding and happy for us. This way of getting married suited us perfectly. And this year is our 10th anniversary!

With the current times I fully understand if more couples start going for a tiny (wee, micro, small, low key etc...) wedding or decide to elope and do it somewhere outdoors, or in a special place specifically for them.

I would even encourage more couples to do it this way. Naturally it is fabulous not just to have your closest people there to celebrate your day, but also to splash out once in a lifetime big party. But how things can be in life and never know, even how well planned and thought of, can happen in future - maybe it is sometimes best to be "selfish" and do your private way, not minding the others. The love is between you two and it is your decision. Of course the traditional way is great, romantic and a big celebration and will have lots of memories for rest of your life. However, doing it in a smaller way will also have amazing moments in it. And you can celebrate together with your family and friends on later date, however way you think suits the best.

I really think couples should, hopefully, start thinking this way as a fantastic option for getting married - and not be disappointed if they couldn't do a big wedding instead. There is often big pressure and expectations within the families when it comes to wedding, the simple reply to that is, it is you two who are getting married, not them this time. Celebrate your love, it is not small or eloped even if that is the way of your wedding!

I would be very happy and understanding joining you there, and capture your wedding moments and take beautiful portraits of you lovelies.

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Tiny wedding or an elopement?