Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Do I mean by this headline my "ideal client"? Well nah, maybe I should put it this way. To whom my photography style would most likely appeal to, but also lovely humans I love working with.

I am a lover of light! That should be pretty given being a photographer, always chasing that perfect light. But, I also think my love of light stems from my Nordicness. My roots are deep in the Finnish countryside, where the four seasons, all with different light affect our every day lives. Either there is a lack of natural light in the winter months or there is abundance of it in the summer months. The key word here is natural light. My photography style is all about that natural light. So coming back to that ideal client theme, I will not write about age, gender demographic, income or job titles here. That would be just too tedious. Nah! And you would get bored reading about it. I will stick to 4 types of taste ( a bit like 4 seasons, yes?)

The Classic, someone who loves their wedding in a rather luxurious venue and setting. Manor house, beautiful boutique hotel, even a castle. Everything is thoughtfully tied together, from the venue, to your elegant dress, suit, flowers, cakes etc. You like following the latest wedding trends.

The Attitude, a bit of rock n' roll couples. You have a strong identity & do it your way! Rough and ready venue, edgy, even industrial. Like wearing something that is braver fashion and colourful, but very beautiful choice. In all can get a bit messy in "an artsy" way , but love a great party!

The Natural, these are the ones who love an outdoor wedding, woodlands, gardens, even marquees/tipis. I would call you the Nordic appreciators. Rather minimalist and practical in everything with the wedding. You don't mind if you have to put your wellies on under your dress! You might even love a snowy winter wedding.

The Relaxed, you have planned your wedding very well, but have been very easy going about the whole process. The wedding itself is fun, relatively small scale with great personal touches - like in a barn, gastro pub etc. Thoughtful, sophisticated and mature feel.

I hope you can identify with these, even a little bit. If you are planning your wedding, I would love to hear from you. It is always so much better to chat face to face and get a real feel of what you'd like from your photography on the day. I am here for you, let's do this together!