Welcome , welcome, please come and have a closer look! 

You have probably browsed several sites already in search of that ONE photographer who speaks to you the most.

If you have started reading this, and continue to, I would be really honoured if you chose me as your photographer. 

And why should you?

When it comes to those big events in one's lives, you want someone who "gets you" there to capture those precious moments.  

Without getting too cheesy, I do wedding photography simply, because it is fabulous, darling.

To be there in the start of your journey together as a married couple. And continue to be there, when you have those cherished memories to look back on in the photographs and albums.

Why not contact me, we can chat and get to know one another a bit more - and let's see where it leads us.

I might be the cool Nordic Noir Sorceress (I am from Finland, in case you thought I lost it there), that you can't resist but to like working with.

With lots of love


                   P.S. All lovely clients 

I am available for not just weddings, but also do portrait and personal branding photography. I am based in Basingstoke Hampshire, and so very gladly with the bookings travel around in the whole UK and Europe. Especially in Scandinavia & Nordic area are close to my heart. I am very flexible with locations, as travelling as part of the photography is a dream life, work and style!


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