Welcome, please come and have a closer look! 


You might have browsed few sites already in search of the ONE photographer who speaks to you the most. 

If you have started reading this, and continue to, I would be really honoured if you chose me as your photographer.  

And why should you?

When it comes to our lives' meaningful events, you want someone, who "gets you best", to capture those most precious moments.  



Why don't you have a good look at my portfolio first, then we can chat or please fill in the contact form. 

And let's see where it might leads us. 

Maybe I am the cool Nordic Noir Sorceress (I'm from Finland, in case you thought I lost the plot), that you can't resist but to like working with.


With lots of love



P.S. All lovely clients 


 I live in Basingstoke Hampshire, and love doing photography shoots in South England area. London, Winchester, Guildford, Oxford, and the beautiful countryside here. Aah, great backgrounds for photo shoots.

 I am very flexible with locations, as travelling as part of the photography is my dream life, work and style!


about me

Hi, I am Annie.

Photographer, who loves capturing lives' important moments with her camera. If you have something you'd like photographed.......